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Bloggers' bonus: How to leave a linked comment

 Linked comments boost blog and online article readership. It’s that simple.

Bloggers are writers, but bloggers tend to be interested readers as well. We visit other blogs and leave comments on posts we have perused. Why?

  • We comment on blogs to respond to what we have read, perhaps either agreeing or disagreeing.
  • We comment to encourage other bloggers, who have put valuable time and effort into publishing.
  • We comment to record our visits, particularly during blog events (such as the April A to Z Blogging Challenge or November’s 30 Days of Thanks).
  • We comment to include links to relevant blog posts of our own, hoping the blogger and his or her readers may take interest and visit our site as well.
Boom. There it is.

Plenty of blog comments include raw website addresses (http/URL coding). That means readers have to copy the entire codes and paste them into their web browsers, if they want to check out the referenced post or site.

Many readers won’t bother doing that. But, if active linked codes are provided, they might just click through to load those pages.

Some blog sites are set up to auto-fill the latest title links for comment writers' own blog sites, once those folks fill in their own site names and addresses in the comment boxes. But many blog sites do not yet offer this feature. And more than a few comment writers may desire to leave links to specific posts, rather than defaulting to their most recent ones.

However, linked comments are easy to do, once you have the coding. It’s a simple cut-and-paste process.

Here’s what it looks like.

Once you insert your own blog post’s http code/URL/internet address code and title (copied exactly from your own web browser, while you view your own post), it will look like this:

Notice the absence of any extra word or line spacing or punctuation. (The only space occurs at the beginning, between the a and the href.)

Here's an example, using my Amazon Author page.

If you delete the word spaces and line returns, it will convert to a hyperlink, like this:

To make your own title link, just replace my http coding and my title with your own. That's it.

Now, you’re ready to comment on a blog post you have read and enjoyed … AND leave a link to one of your own relevant posts or online articles. Watch your readership increase, once you put up some active linked comments on others’ blogs and sites.

Word to the wise:  Multiple links in a single blog comment may risk being tagged as spam, so a smart blogger or writer picks just one pertinent link each time. The April A to Z Blogging Challenge and blog carnivals may be exceptions to this, if multiple sites are participating.


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  4. I keep trying this but it doesn't work. I always get a message saying "sorry the page you were looking for doesn't exist." I am following directions exactly. Woe is me.

    1. I just added a specific example. Maybe that will help you. Hope so!


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