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PURPOSE: 6 reasons writers write

Why does a writer write? Maybe this is the question of the ages, when it comes to putting life into words. Is it fortune and glory?

“Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.”
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (1984)

Um, no.

C’mon, we’re not trying to play Indiana Jones here. Besides, most of us don’t look that good in fedoras.

And it can take a world of words and an ocean of ink (proverbially speaking) to make a genuine splash in the publishing world.


Those who are born to write don’t generally do it to be known or recognized or even read. If that were our aim, we’d probably run for office instead. (Forgive me. I digress.)

Real writers have altogether different reasons for sticking to the wordsmithing craft, come heck or high water.

  1. We write because we have something to say.
  2. We write because we just might be pretty good at saying it.
  3. We write because we hope to make people think.
  4. We write because our words might make someone feel something.
  5. We write because something simply needs to be said.
  6. We write because we are compelled internally to do so.

Even if our words do not change the world, we write. It’s what we do. and if we are fortunate, we may even make a living doing it.

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