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Can you write well with rocks in your backpack?

How hard is it to write, when you’re carrying a heavy load?

You know the feeling. Your back is aching, your shoulders hurt, and your neck is pulsing with burning spasms. You’re carrying way too many cares, and you can hardly keep your mind on today’s tasks.

What kinds of rocks do we carry?

How about family rocks, deadline rocks, financial rocks, persistent pain rocks, career rocks, political rocks, relational rocks, health rocks, self-image rocks, and worry-about-the-future rocks?

If your backpack is filled with rocks, simply taking another step can seem almost impossible.

Rocks are rough. They bump. The bounce around. They bang up your back. Basically, a backpack-full of rocks can make it tough going, no matter where you’re trying to go. It can be almost impossible to think about anything but those darned rocks.

A big load of boulders can make anyone slump. Especially a writer.

Maybe you’re preparing a presentation. Perhaps you’re putting together some poetry. Who knows? You might be crafting your first novel … or your thirty-first one.

Wherever you are as a writer, toting a ton of rocks (even proverbially) adds extra challenge. It can reduce creative concentration to rubble.

You might say you're preROCKupied. (Sorry, had to.)

My own backpack is pretty much filled to capacity right now.

I’m trudging uphill with a sturdy stack of stony cargo loaded in it. I’d love to toss some of those rocks and watch them tumble behind me.

But some rocks simply aren’t ready to roll just yet.

Those stresses still persist. Sometimes we simply have to wait out the weightiest situations. “Reality is the leading cause of stress among those in touch with it,” said comedienne Lily Tomlin (1939-    ).

OK, so I’ll keep going with the laden lumbering for a bit, even if my writing doesn’t come as smoothly or swiftly as I’d like. Someday soon, I’ll summit on this hill and start flinging those sturdy stones to the north, south, east, and west.

Who wants to join the fun?

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