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Successful freelancers are skilled jugglers

Have you ever tried juggling? Of course you have, if you're a writer.

As self-employed freelancers, once tagged as stringers, we often find ourselves juggling deadlines, story concepts, professional networking opportunities, and real-life responsibilities.

Those of us who work from home offices may attest to the challenges of multi-tasking and the dangers of distractions. Full-time workers, pursuing writing on the side, may also identify with the joys of juggling.

At times, we may even feel like the guy who ran the 2007 Chicago Marathon, juggling four balls in the air as he plodded along the pavement in the Windy City.

Take a look.


Raise your hand, if you've ever been frustrated or frazzled as a freelancer, just trying to keep up with daily duties and deadlines. Wait! Don't raise that hand, after all. You might drop one something.

How do we keep all of those balls in the air at one time?

Today is the World Jugglers Day, which occurs annually on the Saturday closest to June 17th, so it seems a particularly opportune moment to highlight some helpful pieces from a variety of freelance writers on professional juggling (so to speak).

Successful writing often means multi-tasking.

Look up!

Whose plates are still spinning? Whose head is spinning? And who’s ready to spin some more yarns?

Chicago Marathoner by Tony The Tiger
Creative Commons Licensing/Wikipedia Commons Photos

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