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Cutting Wordiness: Get Right TO It

Brevity can be beautiful! How many lines can you cut from your copy, simply by slashing these superfluous statements?

Look closely at the words you read and write. Can you spot any extra clutter or unnecessary words?

10 wordy ways to say “to”
You can remove every one of these phrases, replacing it with the simple word “to” for tighter writing. Most of the time, copy loses little or no meaning by the elimination of these extra words.

  1. aiming at = to
  2. as a means of = to
  3. as a route towards = to
  4. for the purpose of = to
  5. in an effort to = to
  6. in order that = to
  7. so as to = to
  8. so that = to
  9. with a view to = to
  10. with the goal of = to
Maybe you can think of additional wordy expressions that add length, but no value, to the word “to.”

Let’s get right “to” it. Say it, and send it, but don’t add to it.

Detective with Magnifying Glass

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