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50 Mistreated Words and Desecrated Phrases: Giving leadway

This awkward phrase leads folks far astray down the leeward way. It also makes editors and English teachers want to get the lead out - for real.

Although it’s charitable to give a person the benefit of the doubt, there really is no such way as giving leadway. It’s not about giving someone the lead, as when we might offer someone a head start or a boost.

The correct expression is giving leeway. It means to allow extra freedom, room to move, or time to achieve a desired goal.

Giving leeway can spell smart leadership.

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  1. Never came across anyone using leadway in that manner. They can lead the way. Interesting. Making blog rounds through those on my list (some I haven't heard from in ages so thinning the list on the blog log also), and working the a-z. Thought you were doing the a-z...did you post on facebook? Am I confused?

  2. I don't think I've heard that expression in quite some time.

  3. You must have changed your mind about doing the challenge? Are you not blogging anymore? Pop in and let me know how you're doing and if you're using a different blog then this one these days.

  4. Just leaving you a note to let you know I'm removing you from my blog log. Seems you're not blogging or visiting. Hope all is well with you. If you get back to blogging, please visit and let me know so I can add you back to the blog log. My best to you.

    1. Skipped a month on this one, as I did the A-Z Challenge on 7 other blogs - plus National Poetry Writing Month.


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