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50 Mistreated Words and Desecrated Phrases: Old Timer’s Disease

Some people think aging is funny – at least, until it happens to them. And maybe it’s healthy for us to laugh at ourselves.

That’s where the “Old Timer’s Disease” expression comes in. Folks may find humor in their own forgetfulness.

Only it’s not really funny. Ask anyone who has Alzheimer’s Disease, or anyone who cares for someone with this difficult memory-stealing condition.

That’s the play on words people make, either intentionally or unintentionally, when they claim to have Old Timer’s Disease.

Sure, many of us think about the here-after. We climb the stairs in our homes, then wonder what we are up here after.

And maybe it’s better to laugh and let off a little steam, instead of growing frustrated. But let’s not drag an actual disease of dementia into the situation. Because that’s just not funny.

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