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50 Mistreated Words and Desecrated Phrases: Slight of hand

Don’t take this as a slight, but there’s really no such thing as slight of hand. Sure, someone might have dainty little mitts. Maybe we could say such a person is slight of hand.

But when someone talks about slight of hand as a means of performing a nifty trick, it’s just plain wrong. The actual expression is "sleight of hand."

The word “sleight” refers to a certain adeptness and dexterity, particularly when this is used to fool onlookers. A magician might demonstrate sleight of hand.

Another word for this is “prestidigitation,” a quick-handedness which shares the same Latin root word (praesto, meaning handy or ready) as the word “presto.”

Voila. There you have it, with a little sleight of hand.

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1 comment:

  1. If we ever meet
    That might be neat.
    But remind me please
    lest I be teased,
    to close my beak
    and ne'er to speak.

    (I am bound to mistreat a word or desecrate a phrase!)


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