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Handy hack for writers and transcribers

Sometimes I stumble upon smart stuff that makes my job a whole lot easier without costing me a nickel. This swift little tip is one such thing.

As a writer, I find that my desk can easily become cluttered with extraneous paperwork. When I try to focus on an article outline, peruse a press release, or work from an interview transcript, I can be easily distracted by tumbling sheets of paper. So you can imagine my delight to come across this simple solution, using a dual-clipped clothes hanger. The hangers with the rubber tips on the clips likely work best, while protecting the computer monitor screen from scratches.

Take a look. Click here to watch the actual  how-to video (in a new window), which includes a couple of other handy hanger hacks as well. One is for the kitchen, and the other is for the clothes closet. Pretty slick.

No more lost paper hang-ups. The task at hand is clipped and ready to use. I like it.

Video screenshot – fair use

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