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Proofing, Goofing or Spoofing?

Once in a while, a typo is downright funny, and a mixed-up headline can be a humdinger. Ask Emily Maynard of “The Bachelorette” and her fiance Jef Holm.

Writing for the internet often means flying without a net, so to speak. Immediate publishing and instant posting usually bypasses the proofreading stage. The traditional editorial desk doesn’t exist for most bloggers and web writers.

And we all make “misteaks.” No one’s “purrfect.”

As a freelancer, usually working independently, I’ve created some doozies. Far too often, online publishing site staffs have changed headlines on my articles, leading to spellings worth spoofing.

Still, sometimes goofs can be glaring gaffes. Occasionally, a particularly poignant or hilarious faux pax makes it onto the front page.

Here’s today’s double-entendre, brought to us by AOL/RoadRunner.

Who’s being altered (or not) on the way to the altar? Maybe Miss Emily Maynard would like to disavow this news in an altogether different sort of surgical strike than the headline suggests. Or was the “Bachelorette” star actually intending to wear more than a white dress to her wedding?

This headline, perhaps unwittingly, suggests her intended bridegroom Jef Holm may have been in for quite a surprise, if the bride didn’t make it to the “alter” in time.

Scratch that.

Really, RoadRunner?

We can only assume such a sizable organization still boasts an editorial checkpoint. OK, perhaps not.

Actually, this example contains two writing errors. Can you find both? 

Here's a hint at the second one. 

When does casting off have nothing to do with knitting? Why would a castoff be cast off, earning castoff status from the cast? Would such a break require a plaster cast, or simply recasting of talent?

Maybe we all need proofreaders, now and then, to catch us before the unintentionally racy or ridiculous rumors fly.

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