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Busting blogger’s block: Offer an award or make it a meme

10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging

9. Pass out a prize, or call out some questions.

Blog awards are popular, as a means of recognizing creative work and reaching out to new cyber-connections. Some prizes are highly respected, offered by well-known organizations.

Others may be developed on-the-spot by motivated bloggers, hoping to network with like-minded folks. In such cases, those receiving awards are instructed to post the prize graphics on their own sites and then present the same virtual token to several other worthy blogs.

It almost matters not. The point, after all, is to build ties with fellow writers and potential readers.

Memes employ a similar methodology.

The initiator comes up with a question, a thought-provoking subject, a photo, a keyword prompt, a controversial quote, or another springboard that is intended to draw responses.

Then folks put up their answers (along with the questions and link-backs to the meme site), urging readers to follow suit.

Both blog awards and memes present a “tag, you’re it” alert from one blogger to a handful of others, who then may pass the concept along. The idea is something akin to a friendly pass-it-on letter or email one might receive, except these tactics work their magic from one blog to another … and another … and so on.

Check out these sample blog posts focusing on awards (given or received) and get-to-know-you questions.

What sorts of prized blogging ideas do you now possess?

Have you recently received a blogging award, and is it time to pass it along to others? Or would you like to develop your own? On what criteria?

Or, do you have a bunch of icebreaker-type questions you might work into a meme-style post? Why not tag a few friends, or leave linked comments on their blogs, asking them to respond to your queries?

Hey, pass it on!

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Letter Delivery

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10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging

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