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Busting blogger’s block: Vote for a video

10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging

8. Build a blog post around a remarkable or refreshing video.

Fine or funny footage can sometimes fend off the worst writer’s block. Lost that blogging mojo? Watch a few online videos, sorted on a topic you like, and see what happens.

Whether your blog’s about baking or biking, climbing or cloning, poetry or photography, fashion or fast cars, you can probably find videos that intrigue you … and likely, your readers as well.

Search for videos on public sharing sites like DailyMotion, Metacafe, and Vimeo. Upload your own video to a store-and-share site, such as Photobucket or Shutterfly.

Just select the online video you want. Copy the code, and paste it into a blog post. Add your own commentary, and you’re ready to publish.

Here are a few examples of blog posts that are built around shared videos.

Ready to blog? (Roll tape.)

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Mary Pickford with Movie Camera - c1916
U.S. Library of Congress Photo
public domain 
10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging
 – both adapted from public domain artwork

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