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How to survive a writing website closure: Sprinkle old and new content

Hosts of web writers are revising and repurposing content previously published on now-defunct websites.

Here’s a little secret to keep readers engaged.

Why not mix in a hearty helping of fresh, new articles and blog posts, while putting up updated versions of the earlier stuff?

Sure, this may or may not affect the searchability of the rewrites. But it certainly does long-time readers, subscribers, and followers a big service.

Plus, this practice keeps the writer writing. How easy is it for us to grow stale, if we’re simply editing and posting old, familiar content?

Mix it up!

Bring on the new material, while freshening up the tried and true content. Toss in a trending news piece. Try a feature article on a current topic.

Keep readers guessing … and intrigued.

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  1. Good tip. I spent 2 weeks straight on nothing but old content. I should have been doing a bit of old and a bit of new, but all I could think about was getting through the old stuff and getting it out of the way.


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