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How to survive a writing website closure: Be a guest blogger

Guest blogging offers writers a venue for publishing their content on another’s site, potentially reaching new audiences.

Why would a writer chose to be a guest blogger?

This option may be particularly helpful for content producers who do not already have their own blogs. It may also present publication opportunities for articles that do not fit a writer’s existing editorial columns or blog sites.

In the best cases, guest blogging can provide added exposure and readership, helpful back-links, and positive networking.

Certainly, however, it pays for a writer to be picky about where he or she does any guest blogging. The best sites are well run, reputable, and ranked advantageously in search engine results.

Unfortunately, countless spammy sites advertise themselves as guest blogging opportunities. At best, these fly-by-night websites fail to pay and vanish quickly. At worst, they may practice copyright infringement, link misuse, and computer virus or malware proliferation.

Bloggers are advised to examine Terms of Service for each site and evaluate each publisher and opportunity individually - particularly for page ranking, readership, and reputation.

Here are a few websites that feature guest bloggers.

The links on this list lead to additional information and applications (where relevant).

Some of these guest blogging opportunities focus on specific topics, while others may be open to general articles and posts. Certain sites will accept previously published material (as long as the contributor owns the rights to it), while others want only first-run content.

Most offer bylines with posts, but others do not. Payment practices vary, with some sites not paying at all, but simply offering bloggers the visibility of publication.

This list of sites that invite guest blogger participation is intended for informational purposes only.

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  1. This has been a useful series of articles - especially helpful with the recent closures of several websites that featured online content written by freelance authors.
    Cordie K.


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