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8 reasons I've committed 8 blogs to April's A to Z Challenge 2013

April is coming, bringing spring days and an exciting annual alphabetical blogging challenge. Ever the optimist, particularly about blogging, I’m jumping in with both feet – and eight blogs – for the April A to Z Challenge for 2013.

Last year, I participated with a half-dozen blogs.

Here’s why I’ve re-upped in the A to Z Challenge this time.

What madcap muse possessed me to sign up to write and publish 26 posts, titled from A to Z, throughout the month of April?

This was wholly voluntary, and I’ll give you eight reasons.

  1. Lots of friends are playing this time. (You know who you are.) Besides, I've played along with the A to Z Challenge for several years and had a great time with it.
  2. A couple of my favorite blogs need some spring cleaning. One or two are sort of creaking these days.
  3. Each year, I love to see my blog readership grow, as fellow A to Z participants stumble onto my sites, have a little fun, and decide to become regulars.
  4. I’d rather sign up for a creative challenge than bemoan the way several previously profitable writing sites are becoming ever less profitable for writers.
  5. The A to Z Challenge brings visibility to prolific blogs, promoting readership through their own leader sites and a host of social networking options like Facebook, Google +, Pinterest and Twitter. And, when we post our A to Z blog links, we can reel in additional readership with a handy hashtag: #atozchallenge .
  6. Now that I’m committed, my brain is already racing through the alphabet with concepts for this year’s challenge. Somehow, a daily deadline with tightly structured topic requirements can be a wonderful antidote to writer's block.
  7. Blogging is fun, and this annual whirlwind is a great reminder of free play for participants.
  8. The A to Z Challenge is like a spring marathon, that kicks bloggers like me into high gear and sends us sprinting into summer with fresh, new blog posts and search engine juice.

Wanna encourage me?

Stop by, and “follow” these eight blogs. Leave a comment! Link back to your own posts, if you are blogging along. Let’s keep this thing going.

  1. Delightfully Amiss: Berzerkians Gone Amok
  2. Heart of a Ready Writer  
  3. Meme Express (blogging prompts)  
  4. Nickers and Ink - Poetry and Humor
  5. Practically at Home  
  6. Simply Snickers (poetry prompts)  
  7. The Mane Point - A Haven for Horse Lovers 
  8. Working in Words - A Home for Wordsmiths and Writers of Every Stripe  

Wanna play?

Visit the A to Z Challenge page to sign up!

You’ll find my blogs listed on the Mr. Linky roster – as entries 488, 489, 490, 491, 492, 493, 494, and 495. Join me, won’t you, for the A to Z Challenge?

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  1. I managed to pull off 8 blogs last year. As soon as it was over, I started thinking of topics for this year. I have also added a few blogs since then. So, I am doing a total of 12. Yes, I need help, LOL. Good luck!

  2. And I thought I was crazy entering 5 blogs this year! Kudos to both of you!

  3. Hello. Just thought I'd stop by and give you a wave *wave* and wish you luck for this challenge. This is my first year so I'm getting quite excited!

  4. Hi Linda Anne, Good reasons all. I give you credit for managing 8! I could barely keep up with one and life. Whew! You are definitely a writer extraordinare. Congrats on finishing and thanks for the reflections. God bless, Maria at Delight Directed Living


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