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Busting blogger’s block: Find a photo

10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging

1. Find a photo

Does your blogging engine need a boost to set your creativity in motion? Why not find a photo that intrigues you?

Pick a pretty painting, a quirky sketch, or a candid shot.

What do you see? Does anything in the image remind you of a personal experience, an important issue, or an area in which you might offer exceptional expertise to your blog readers?

Plenty of bloggers peruse public domain pictures and royalty-free artwork, scouring images for writing inspiration. Others snap their own photos, saving them for this express purpose.

Lots of us do a bit of both.

See? Your thought processes are already in motion.

Just take a look. Write what you observe, how you feel, or what you know. It sure beats the classic high school creative writing assignment, when a teacher would place a paperclip, a rock, or an apple on a table and ask for 100 words about it.

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Camera-Man – public domain clipart
10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging
 – adapted from public domain artwork:  

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