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Busting blogger’s block: Catch a cartoon

10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging

3. Clip up a cartoon.

Clever and comical images with funny one-liners or words of wisdom can become fabulous fodder for blog posts. Most readers are visually oriented folks, anyway, so these sorts of entries are likely to be favorites.

Who knows? Blog visitors and followers alike may forward the post links to others, if they enjoy what they have seen

Here’s the caveat.

Copyright laws protect most current cartoons and comic strips. Even older works may still be covered, so it pays to check before posting. Bloggers can tell horror stories of the possible repercussions of republishing copyrighted material without permission.

Just because a cartoon has been shared and re-shared on Facebook, Google Plus, or another social networking site does not mean it is free for publication.

Public domain works are considered fair game. Royalty-free and copyright-expired pieces are generally safe.

Clever bloggers store up suitable stuff constantly, saving free-to-use images and appropriate taglines for use when they face a creativity gap or need a quick post.

Consider these examples of cartoon-inspired blog posts:


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Cartoon – public domain photo
10 ways to blog when you don’t feel like blogging
 – adapted from public domain artwork:  

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