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Oftentimes and often - Mixed messages and misused words from A to Z

Oftentimes and often - Mixed messages and misused words from A to Z

OMG. I cannot stand it when people use oftentimes in writing. OK, it’s not technically incorrect, but it’s still not a mark of good writing.
It’s one of those built-in redundancies. The definition of often already implies the element of time. As a result, oftentimes is at least partially repetitive. It’s like saying you get up at 7 am in the morning on weekday days.

Which is right, oftentimes or often times?

Although neither is really wrong, it’s better to keep it simple and use often instead. Or pick a super synonym, such as frequently, usually, or habitually. Even time and again is often better than oftentimes.

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  1. Love this, and so glad I stumbled across your post from UBC today! Will definitely be back. I am always looking for great tips and reminders on writing right!

  2. Can you edit me everyday in every way? Love it! And the then and than thing too.

  3. I liked this one! I really never thought about those two. I don’t think I have ever used “oftentimes”, but I fully understood by your example of 7 am in the morning. Great one.
    ~ Jodene


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