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Rebut and refute - Mixed messages and misused words from A to Z

Rebut and refute - Mixed messages and misused words from A to Z

Order in the courtroom! Misuse of rebut and refute may not send you to the slammer, but it’s still nice to know what’s right.

It’s almost criminal how many people use rebut and refute interchangeably. Most of the time, they really should be using deny or disagree.

OK, here’s the deal on rebut and refute.

To rebut a statement means to present a clear argument against it, aiming to prove it wrong through reason and perhaps logic. To refute goes a step farther, offering actual evidence that proves one’s case.

The defense attorney’s rebuttal made the jury members think twice about the defendant’s guilt, until the prosecutor refuted the claim by revealing the DNA evidence


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  1. What a great theme for the A to Z, I'm sorry I haven't come by earlier, but glad I found you. I will be back to study some more words.

  2. I'm always hearing irrefutable evidence with regard to an officials call being overturned during a football game on tv. Other then that, don't think I've come across that one too often. I'm adding you to my blog log on Traveling Suitcase, just wanted you to know.
    Thanks for all the comments.


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