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A to Z Writing: Gauging Gains with Great Goals

Are you a goal-setter?

Freelancers, by nature, tend to be creative sorts. We love to dream up concepts and sketch out story ideas on scraps of paper. When it comes to administrative tasks, however, we may wring our hands in frustration.

Of course, we’ve all heard about how important it is for us to set clear and measurable objectives for our work. We live with deadlines, editorial reviews and other performance evaluations.

Whether we like it or not, even creative writers may be improved by having real-life aims in mind when we work.

OK, so goals are essential. But how does a freelance writer begin setting up such a structural strategy?

Here’s one constructive step in the right direction towards goal-setting.

Check out this assortment of helpful online articles, written and published by several fellow freelance writers.

Writers often set goals. Goals are a great way for a writer to grow. Setting attainable writing goals will help increase productivity and creativity.

Online article writers, if you're going to have goals, don't leave out the steps to reach them. Don't laugh, this is a common mistake.

I hope my review help you improve your own writing or encourage you to discover the treasures hidden within the book.

Creating a writing schedule that works is all about making something you can stick to. Is your writing schedule working for you? Or do you wish you could get more done?

Branching Out Towards Your Writing Bucket List - Tamara McRill
When it comes to a writer's bucket list, it matters not whether you take cautious steps or brash leaps towards your goals. The importance lies in the actual movement and the direction it takes.

Schedule Time for Freelance Writing – Marie Anne St. Jean
Due to family and other commitments, not everyone can keep a set writing schedule, but the better you get at blocking out time for your freelance work, the more successful you're likely to be. But how do you schedule time for your freelance writing?

An overview of the 'too many client' dilemma encountered by many freelance writers. Advice on how to overcome this obstacle and make the tough decisions. Learn how to identify the warning signs: when do you need to cut back on new work?

Writers need discipline to survive as a freelancer. This article details a list of items that fall under the category of maintaining discipline to build a successful freelance career.

The importance of self reflection in reaching your personal and professional goals cannot be under estimated. We must take a good, hard look inward before we are able to overcome internal barriers to our goals.

Even if you were never the type of person before to set goals for yourself, it will be important to do it for your writing. A common problem in the writing scene is to form a lot of idea and then have trouble completing them all.

If we don’t have goals, how will we know when we have scored?

Tennis star Chris Evert said this about goals:

Find something that you're really interested in doing in your life. Pursue it, set goals, and commit yourself to excellence. Do the best you can.

Go for it!

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Scoring a Goal
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