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A to Z Writing: A Reporter's Routine Revealed

Reporters write on deadline, grinding out veritable volumes of verbiage daily. Once a writer takes on an assignment, how does he or she race to the finish line with completed copy?

Surely, a system is both strategic and sufficient to keep wordsmiths pounding out productivity.

Brace yourself!

Here’s a regular routine I employ, using the acronym of “BRACE.” This simple structure really does help to support me, particularly when I’m writing on deadline. It is possible to compose quality copy without holdups.

B – Brainstorm

The first step is creative contemplation, as the writer considers various fresh angles for a subject. Suppose the assignment calls for an editorial on a trending news topic. The writer must then consider what unique approach he or she may take to the topic.

R – Research

From in-person interviews to emails, and from books to internet searches, the writer builds the background and basis for the story. This step is critical for fiction and non-fiction alike.

A – Analyze

Critical thinking comes into play at this point, as the writer evaluates the information he or she has collected. What facts are fascinating, and which details are unnecessary or irrelevant?

C – Compose

Now it’s time to begin writing. Usually, the skilled writer starts with an outline or a list of key points to cover. That makes turning out the text much easier.

E – Edit

Proofreading perfects the piece, as the writer pores over every character on the page (or the screen) before clicking the key to print or publish.

And that’s it.

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