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A to Z Writing: One-Sided Output is Optimum

When it comes to submitting work to publishers, one-sidedness is a good thing.

We’re all for ecology, saving papers and trees. But editors almost universally loathe two-sided manuscripts. The ink smudges. The pages stick together. 

It’s a real mess.

I’ve spent a few years on editorial desks, and I agree.

Writers invest both time and talent to produce and proofread publication-worthy manuscripts. Why not present these in the best possible way?

A respectable manuscript should be double-spaced and printed one-sided on clean white 20-pound copy paper with standard margins all around.

The cover letter must be placed on top of the title page and attached with a paper clip. Skip the staples, and stick a clean rubber band around the entire bundle.

Place the entire one-sided stack (unfolded, of course) in a sturdy envelope, whisper a prayer, and whisk the entire package off to the post office.

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