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A to Z Writing: Quick Quiz on Correct Constructions

It’s easy to use bad grammar in casual speech, text messages and other quick communications. However, correctness still exists, particularly for published work. Can you tell right from wrong in writing?

Here’s the question.

OK, no more monkeying around. Check these 12 sentences. Which are correct, and which are quagmires of poor construction?

  1. You’re not supposed to drive the car without fastening your seat belt.
  2. Its a long way from a tyrannosaurus’ nose to it’s tail.
  3. They’re sure that their parents grew up there in that neighborhood.
  4. I can not tell a lie, even if you insist.
  5. Everyone has their own opinion.
  6. If you love horses more then I do, than I will be surprised.
  7. A pair of security guards are going to lock up the building after the big game.
  8. The drag queen dragged the drugs all the way from the drugstore. What a drag.
  9. The nauseous smell made Nathan nauseated.
  10. If you keep your keys on a lose key ring, you might loose them.
  11. You’ve got to be kidding when you tell me you got a new dog.
  12. I would of asked you to the party, if I’d known you’d come.

Do you think you have spotted the correct and incorrect sentences? What’s wrong with the faulty ones?

Scroll down for the answer. Post your corrections in the comments, if you can.

The correct sentences are numbers 1, 3, 8, 9. How did you do?

Gorilla Scratching His Head
By Steven Straiton
Creative Commons Licensing/Wikipedia Commons
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