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A to Z Writing: Tags Are Tops for Topics

Tag, you’re it! Or at least, you may be writing about it.

Social networking tags are terrific for topic specialists. Web writers, in particular, tend to work hard at building their online visibility and sourcing community.

Do you carry a column about biking, birding, or bowling? Maybe you write regularly about careers, cooking, or cars. More than likely, your social networking profiles and friend bases reflect your interests.

Within your area of specialization, folks are likely posting photographs, headlines, event announcements and other newsworthy or notable items. Why not train these folks to tag you in these posts?

I’ve joined groups that apply to my assigned columns and posted tag requests.

Perhaps daily, cyber-friends tag me on relevant items, especially on Twitter, Google Plus and Facebook.

On event invitations, I reply with a “maybe,” even if I’m not likely to attend, just so I receive updates. After I’ve done a story, I go back and respond more accurately.

When I’m working on a story, I sometimes even suggest sources tag me in photos, particularly if they are willing to offer me permission to publish those pictures.

Once I have downloaded the images and information, I simply un-tag myself.

Press-savvy sources are likely to email news releases, announcements and photo files. But many folks do not. That’s exactly where tagging enters the picture.

Social networking can make story starts so much simpler.

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By Clarita
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  1. Stopping in from the A to Z Challenge and great to meet you! Interesting. I should look for some of these groups on Yahoo! Groups. Thanks for the tip.

  2. Great tips! I try to write accurate, helpful tags for my online articles -- and when sharing on social media like StumbleUpon! ~ Angela, Whole Foods Living,


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