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A to Z Writing: Zealous Zombies in Zany Ziggurats

Writing can be serious business, but it need not always be.

Once in a while, even the most scholarly wordsmiths may zip out of zone and zoom off a zillion zesty zips.

It’s all part of living in the zoo.

Freelance, agency or corporate writers tend to be imaginative sorts. Don’t we all need an occasional break from tedium?

For decades, I’ve made my living in writing, composing everything from executive speeches to editorials, and from legal exposes to limericks. And I love it.

I’m one of those curious sorts, pouring myself into research and enjoying outlining. I actually enjoy staring at my computer screen and trying to come up with creative ways to express the most straightforward of subjects.

But once in a while, I want to go off the page. Maybe zealous zombies in zany ziggurats are onto something. So, just for fun, here’s my wrap-up for the A to Z Blogging Challenge.

Hey, sometimes one has to let go of logic (and logistics) and simply write about zombies. It's a way to escape from daily routine, so as not to become a zombie oneself!

(Watch for a complete listing tomorrow
of my Working in Words posts
for the 2012 A to Z Blogging Challenge.)

The Zombie Zoom –
Limericks in Fun for Words on the Run

Zealous zombies march apace
In zany ziggurats in space.
They stand and stare,
Seem unaware,
And yet each footfall leaves a trace.

We writers tap our keys to cite,
As zombies zoom into the night.
We sit, compose,
And pen our prose –
Although we’d best grab foil for flight.

For creativity’s a game,
And if we lost, ‘twould be a shame.
But never fear,
The zombies near
Stand ready to accept the blame.

c2012 by Linda Ann Nickerson

(For Amy Browne, Joshua Cook, Tammy Lee Morris, Linda StCyr, and other zombie writers.)

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Dear Editor: About that rhyme; I think I need a bit more time. It's not a writer's block I face, I'm concepting at warp-speed pace. A hardware glitch has got me beat; I'm squirming in my writing seat.
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  1. Nice touch to the end of a zombiefying Challenge. Thanks for being a part of the A to Z April.

    I've added myself as a follower to this site.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. Zeroing in, I see...very nice finish for a very busy challenge:)

  3. I love how many of us included zombies in today's posts. Probably because we feel like our brains have been eaten at this point!

    Congrats on completing the A to Z challenge!


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